About Us

Ben Smith

WHO is Youth Worker Web?

Youth Worker Web (YWW) was started in the Spring of 2017 by a college student named Ben Smith. In addition to his studies, Ben works with the youth group at Fountain City United Methodist Church (FCUMC). As a newcomer to youth ministry, Ben found himself researching constantly for ideas and advice on lesson plans, Bible studies, and fun games to incorporate into his youth group. After a few months of scouring the internet for an all-inclusive site to satisfy this need, Ben decided it just wasn’t out there. And so YWW was created out of a youth worker’s desire to have access to valuable youth ministry materials, ideas, and community all in the same place. Since its creation, YWW has grown into a community; truly fulfilling the vision of a WEB of youth workers sharing ideas and supporting each other. Through discussion boards and collaborative groups, YWW members are creating connections and sharing ideas. YWW publishes article and spotlights written by professionals in ministry, child development, and many other professions.