A Promise of Rededication and Plea for Strength


I thank you for your constant presence in my life. I thank you for the opportunities you give me to refocus my life. I thank you for the amazing people that you have used to help me on my journey.

Lord, I have trouble believing in non-empirical concepts. I am a man of logic and facts. I am so often challenged by things that appear to discredit my trust in your great power. I ask that you strengthen my resolve and stand behind me as I fight to grow in my faith for I know that you have a plan for me, even if I cannot see it. Lord, please help me be strong for my peers and be a mentor to those who would look up to me. Help me be known as a person who truly loves you, as a person who radiates with compassion and love for all people. I pray that you help me to do your work with the right intension. Focus my heart on serving you and raise me up to overcome the need for gratification and recognition. Lord I pray that you empower me to be a constant reminder to others and to myself that you, our savior, are always there for us. Always holding us up. Always waiting at the Gait Called Beautiful to turn all things into good.

Lord, I make a promise to you. I promise that I will involve you in my life. No longer will I put up walls and partition in my life. I long to have your strength in all parts of life. I beg that you help me to do all things in your name, be it at school, work, or home. I promise to do more, and seek less. I promise to work towards a place where I no longer seek credit for my actions but act out of love and devotion to you and to my brothers and sisters. I promise to praise and worship you through all things, no matter my surrounding. I promise to encourage others to do these things. I promise to help others in their own spiritual journey and to rely on them in my own times of weakness.

Lord I lift up these thing to you, my protector and lover. My father and savior. My strength and my truest advocate.

In your name I pray,


Ben Smith. January 2015.